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henmarJust one school year ago, I realized that if you really want to not just see but effect change in the lives of our poor brethren, it takes only our hearts to start and make that difference.  With passion for service and heart for the kids as their only source of inspiration, the volunteer teachers were able to not just run three SIBOL schools, including Henmar SIBOL School, but along the way overcome overwhelming obstacles as they take on the objectives of being able to impart learnings and wisdom to the kids under their care.

 After a year of personal sacrifices, it paid off.  SFC Singapore, thru word of mouth and documentary requirements, informed the program that our new school year will be completely under their care in terms of financial requirements, not just for the program to run good but to run in excellence.  And after a month after opening the school year, the teachers are but up in the challenge of being able to provide excellent mentoring to the kids and providing the necessary program and activities for the kids to enhance nut just their intellectual capabilities but their social and emotional capabilities as well.  With these in mind, allow me to share to you Maam Carolyn’s narrative report for the month ended July 2009.

 The Month of July for Henmar SIBOL School…By: Maam Carolyn C. Gibertas

 In the month of July, we tackled in class three different topics, namely; Body Parts, Talents and Skills.  As a process, pictures of body parts are shown to the Sibol kids for them to identify and indeed it was easy for them to tell the part.  And to allow them to internalize how these parts are taken care of, various activities are made such as the proper brushing of the teeth, combing hair, washing the hands and the feet.  It was also introduced to them as well the senses like, tasting, touching, hearing and smelling.  I noted that the most attractive for the kids was the counting of the heartbeats or pulse because there were questions that were raised like, “Is there something in our wrist why it seems like something is beating in there?”  I realized how curious they are so I need to be able to satisfy them by giving those detailed answers for them to be satisfied.  Aside from the activities, values were also taught with topics like “God made us special” through a story telling sessions that would allow them to appreciate how special they are in the eyes of our Creator.  At the end of the month, various talents like singing, dancing and poetry reading were shown during the Culmination Activity for the Nutrition Month and observed that slowly the kids developed their own talents.

 As per student assessment for the month, I observed that there are only a few days in which all thirteen of my pupils are present.  Along the few reasons are health problems and when parents brought with them the kids when they go out of the GK site.  I also observed that most of them are playful that’s why I think of ways to incorporate learning in there playtime to greatly motivate them.  As the days passed I saw kids having group of friends already in the class and during group activities, I observed that each of them participates in whatever task that they are assigned to do.  Some of the learning they already absorbed are the identification of letters, the primary and secondary colors, big and small objects and various things in opposites.  As to reading capability, though some are still coping, but I also see others who are fast learners.

 As per my personal assessment, I believe that the delicate task of imparting learning to the kids is a challenging one, I need to be able to adjust quickly to address the kids different behaviors and abilities and especially their interests.  Their having a high level of energy inside and outside of class enables me to stretch my patience to the fullest so that I will be able to handle them well.  My most important challenge is to be able to grasp their attention each day as I introduce new topics and to overcome that, relevant and attractive ways are done with the materials for them to be curious.

 Maam Carolyn will have to go through two rides each day from their home to the SIBOL School just to be with the kids for their class.  As I personally talk to here about how she was able to appreciate such an obstacle, she said that all difficulties that she undergoes completely vanish every time she would see her pupils learned something at the end of each class.

 To all SIBOL volunteer teachers, you are all living heroes indeed.

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1 ate karen November 6, 2009 at 5:55 am

Triple SALUTE to Teacher Carolyn! and to all ADN Sibol Teachers: Teacher Riza, Teacher Bing, Teacher Glaiza, Teacher Ishell Teacher Kristine, and Teacher Carolyn. Your undying love and deep commitment to the kids are what really keep us going..know that you are our source of inspirations, to get going in this noble work of nation building even the going sometimes get rough.. I would also like to honor Teacher Yuly Rebosit, though she’s not with us in the program already but without her our Sibol today would not become what it is now if not for her sacrifices.. and who could forget Ate Inday Lucino! She’s really our Angel! Hoooooorrrrah to all! Keep going our heroes!

2 ate karen November 6, 2009 at 6:03 am

……….there’s another sweet angel i almost forgot! ..Teacher Beth, thank you for the time you’ve spent with us, it’s also a four-year relationship with the kids and parents and volunteers.

3 roslyn November 8, 2009 at 5:19 am

and.. our sibol mother whos in heaven already, ate eta!

4 kuya toto November 9, 2009 at 8:39 am

yes i agree!!!!!! tita eta is our Sibol Mother!!!

5 Xingha November 30, 2009 at 2:53 am

yeah……..SIBOL teachers are really great…, I salute to them..

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