CFC SIBOL School Rocks!

by admin on November 10, 2009

CFC SIBOL SchoolThe oldest of the four SIBOL schools of GK Butuan and the very first to produce one of the country’s Outstanding SIBOL Teachers, Maam Yolly as she was called. The school opened its first school year last June of 2004 with Maam Yolly of the CFC Handmaids of the Lord as the first volunteer teacher with CFC HOLD as well as her ever supportive benefactor in terms of school/SIBOL kids needs. Not even schooled as a teacher, she believes that her capacity to take good care of her children and the heart to serve are the main motivation for her to make great things possible in the SIBOL Program. After more than 4 fulfilling years as a volunteer teacher and being a model to new volunteer teacher, she believed it was time to fully devote her time to her growing children as well.

And this school year, with the school under funding from SFC Singapore, the school is once again at its peak of importing knowledge, wisdom and values to the young under the mentorship of Ma’am Riza, a homegrown SIBOL volunteer teacher residing within the GK village, with nothing but passion for service to the kids in her heart. Helping her as well is another volunteer teacher, Maam Christine, a member of CFC Singles for Christ who will have to travel almost an hour to be at the school each day. Below is their report for the month of July detailing their journey together with the SIBOL kids.

CFC GK Village SIBOL School in July

By: Ma’am Riza Maturan & Ma’am Christine Amora

Class Activities for the month…

There are 20 enrollees in the school and in the month of July, all topics centered on the Body Parts, its importance and the way to task good care of them. Various activities were done namely; doing nature walk, understanding the five senses and the need to have proper hygiene as a way to take care of the body. Talents and skills as well were observed and appreciated along the way. The month was ended with the culmination program of the nutrition month.

SIBOL Kids’ Assessment…

SIBOL kids enthusiastically go to school everyday, along with them are the loving parents making sure that they are received by the teachers and not straying away. They love to play most of the time making them hard to stop if playtime is over and time for learning is ongoing. It takes creative process for them to be interactive in relation to the topic and to motivate them to learn along the way. As days passed, most of them were able to learn how to write but most as well are slow in reading. Centered values that were given involve Love for God, Love for Country, cleanliness, the value of cooperation and the need to respect each other.

Teacher’s Assessment…

To be a SIBOL teacher is a challenging service, yet fulfilling and inspiring. You have to focus not only on the topics that you are to present but also to be sensitive to the different abilities and behaviors that the kids have. We have to be more patient and understanding to effectively impart knowledge to them. We need to find creative ways in imparting the lessons so that greater learning is absorbed by them.

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