KB Officers of CFC GK Village Reorganized

by admin on November 1, 2009

kbWith the goal of maximizing the potentials for development of the Kapitbahayan of CFC GK Village, the Butuan City/Agusan del Norte community building team decided to initiate a bold and courageous activity to reorganize the village’s Kapitbahayan.

It started with an assembly last October 23, 2009 to explain to them the need for such a move, to be able to effectively address the existing problems that are currently hounding the site which seems to become a normal daily activities within.  The process on how to go about the reorganization was also explained, the need to be able to make each bayanihan action team an organic one, one that is mindful of every happening that occurs within the community.  That in each action team, a leader is to be voted by each head of every family and that by doing so, the trust and respect of every KB member is as well imparted to that election. More so, the idea that all BAT leaders will be equally responsible and accountable in the planning and implementation of the GK Programs site level was also imparted as a change to a structure wherein a KB Preseident is the only one in charge.

So starting last October 26, 2009, at 7pm the team started gathering the very first Bayanihan Action Team (BAT) to explain to them the behaviors and the traits of a leader that we hope they would chose, the structure of the new reorganized Kapitbahyan and the process by which every concern is to be tackled, these goes on until Thursday of that week when the fourth & the fifth group was oriented, after each session a piece of paper was distributed for each family to write the name of the leader which they would want to elect to head their BAT.  The same papers will be collected a day after before gathering another group to collate the results.

The process went smoothly and well, with some minor relational incidents happening along the way, even during orientations.  Though its not yet the venue and the time to raise concerns or problems that they would want to effect change, still some cannot wait to float those concerns due to the negative effect that is resulting out of such acts.

After collating and summarizing everything last friday, October 31, 2009.  The team came up with the decision to have an assembly this coming November 3, 2009 at 7pm, to announce the result of the election and to solicit opinions as to the outcome and hopefully gather support from the Kapitbahayan members to maximize the potential for development of the community in cooperation with the BAT leaders.

Stand firm team, God is on our side.

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1 kuya toto November 2, 2009 at 7:17 am

BAT Leader is the key to do more in GK Sites! Mga kapatid let’s go and support them! we just simply wants, “all KB is the one who wants to changes their life because of GK.”

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