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by admin on Apr.23, 2010, under Community Building

By: GK News Bureau

The Sulu Ulama Council for Peace and Development opened formally the Islamic values formation for Gawad Kalinga Kapitbahayan in Barangay Lawm Maimbung, Municipality of Maimbung, Province of Sulu.

Values formation is among the core program of Gawad Kalinga, every kapitbahayan member is required to attend the sessions for them to foster harmonious relationships and share common values of being God-loving, bayani, advocate bayahihan and love of country.

Gawad Kalinga has partnered with the Ulama Council along values formation in a meeting with the Ulama Council headed by the Mufti of Lupah Sug, Ustadz Jul-Asiri Abirin.

The beneficiaries of the core shelter project were also required to attend the values formation. This project of the Department of Social Welfare and Development is in partnership with Sulu Gov Abdusakur M Tan, who is also the donor of the almost four-hectare lot intended for Gawad Kalinga and core housing projects.

Ustadz Yahya Abdulla, Ustadz Moh Arshaid Abdulmajid, Tuan Yahya Titong and Tuan Mujarnie Jajie gave lectures to the attendees numbering to more than two hundred individuals. Gawad Kalinga Head Jainab Abdulmajid gave the opening message, who encouraged everyone to get their share in the blessings of learning the teachings of the Holy Quran from the religious scholars.

Also in attendance were beneficiaries of Gov Tan housing projects (houses on stilts) in Liyuh Suba, Barangay Poblacion and Duhul Duhul Village in Barangay Lawm Maimbung, both in the Municipality of Maimbung. These recipients have totaled to seventy five households.

Gov Tan who himself saw the merit of the values formation extended his thanks to the Ulama Council for taking the lead in the conduct of the program in the said locality and hopes to see the same in the entire province of Sulu.

Gawad Kalinga founder Tony Meloto in his text message to GK Head Jainab Abdulmajid also extended his thanks to the Ulama Council and considers the friendship with the tausugs as something that is meant to last because the friendship is true. (PIO)

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Inspiring LGU: Compostella Valley

by admin on Apr.23, 2010, under Volunteer Support

By: GK News Bureau

Compostella Valley shines as a beacon in Mindanao today.

The recently-concluded Highway of Peace held in the province last April 17 is a testament to this. Shining as a bright example to its neighbors, Comval is on its way to becoming a poverty-free province. This has been the dream of Governor Arturo T. Uy ever since he fell in love with Gawad Kalinga in 2008. He has been working hard to make his dream for his province a reality. Out of 11 municipalities in Compostella Valley, he has brought GK into 6 municipalities and seeks to plant GK in the 5 remaining towns by the end of the year.

Inspired by CamSur Governror LRay Villafuerte and Taguig Mayor Tinga’s success with GK, after hearing them at the Building a Nation forum at the GK Expo in 2008, Governor Uy immediately set out to bring GK to Comval in order to bring his poor constituents out of poverty.

At that time, the province was planning to relocate landslide victims of a mining tragedy where 26 people had died. On his return to province, he planned with the local GK team for a Partner’s Forum where he invited his friends in the business community to pledge 50 units for the landslide victims. Amazingly, they raised enough for 138 units, and GK Maco was started.

Today, with his passionate leadership, he has transformed Comval into a GK province. He created the Provincial Core Group and assigned action officers from municipalities to serve as counterparts of GK workers. They all underwent the GK values formation program and have been empowered to champion GK in the province and their respective municipalities.

The province’s orderly and organized system was very apparent during the local Bayani Challenge build and the Caravan of Peace last week. Because of the passion and leadership of Governor Uy and the inspiring dedication of the GK team in Comval, the province has become a model for other provinces in Mindanao who seek to uplift their poor through the GK way. It all started with a dream, realized through hardwork and political will. After the GK build in Compostella Valley, a rainbow had appeared in the sky embracing the community, it was also blessed by grace.

“We really honor the provincial team. The governor is an example of what a true public servant is. He inspired the mayors to embrace GK. Because of his example, service is delivered to the people. We hope there will be more leaders like him,” said Rene Rieta, GK coordinator for Southeastern Mindanao.

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Gawad Kalinga Heroes troop to Palawan this Sunday to build homes for IPs

by admin on Apr.05, 2010, under Volunteer Support

rio tuba
About 50 teams (approximately 700participants) are headed to Palawan from March 29 to April 4 to build homes for the neglected Pala’wans, one of the island’s indigenous peoples (IP). Sharing their time, resources and sweat, they will work side by side with the indigenous tribe in building their homes.
The Pala’wans belong to the large Manobo-based linguistic groups of the southern Philippines. Being nomadic, the tribe do not legally own the lands they till, have no permanent homes and are unable to go to schools.
Residing in the forests, the Pala’wan’s are the usual victims of injustices, often neglected and considered as second-class residents of the community. Basic services provided by the government can barely reach their temporary places, and they suffer from hunger due to extreme poverty. Unable to read and write, they are deprived of learning basic skills that can help improve their quality of life.
Concerned about the plight of the indigenous tribe, Palawan-based companies Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation (RTNMC) and Coral Bay Nickel Corporation (CBNC) partnered with Gawad Kalinga in 2006 to provide a holistic GK communities for them, committing P10 million for 10 years to help the Pala’wans as part of their corporate social responsibility program.
RTNMC and CBNC made all their mining machineries available for land development and committed to finance the construction of GK houses, multi-purpose building, productivity and educational facilities.
So far, six villages have been built serving approcimately 300 families; about 80 homes are targetted to be built next week by GK volunteers who are coming from all over the Philippines to serve their fellow Filipinos in Palawan.
Seventy-five men from the Philippine Navy will be coming by ship to lend their strength while volunteers from the United States, Singapore and Australia are also flying in to help build in the two sites: Culimbawang and Bohoy GK villages at Baranggay Rio Tuba in the municipality of Bataraza, in the southern part of beautiful Palawan.

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