GK Builders Institute

DSC00072“Schools teach a lot of things but they are not applied in the communities. They do not impact on the lives of the people. Oftentimes, those who make decision for the country are not connected to the people who suffer from such decisions.” – Tony Meloto

The GK Builders Institute: Spirit, System and Science

The Gawad Kalinga Builders Institute (GKBI) is a partnership undertaken with the school partners of GK that serves as a think tank, movement builder, and learning institution for GK teams, volunteers, and partners. It seeks to bring people from the classroom into the communities while planting love for country in the campuses and growing nation builders and great patriots.

As a think tank, GKBI develops templates and models for Gawad Kalinga through community and school-based research. The various GKBI’s in the schools and universities engage GK communities in documenting best practices, introducing new approaches and technologies. These initiatives are aligned with the academic interests and requirements of the students and faculty:

• Integrating the GK way in the curriculum, research, and internship programs.

• Developing, offering, and implementing GK knowledge products (courses, programs) that will impact not only GK communities (caretakers, residents “GK Kapitbahayan,” and GK programs) but also the broader spectrum of society (corporations, civic groups, and government) becoming more involved in community building and social transformation.

As a movement builder, GKBI is global network of schools committed to the cause of nation building. The school partners are committed to mainstreaming love for God and country among their students and faculty, integrating the GK lifestyle through constant engagement with Gawad Kalinga communities. These volunteers become part of GK’s volunteer program called GK1MB (GK One Million Builders). Upon graduation, these students can continue to engage GK communities and programs as fulltime volunteers through the GK Builders Corps program.

As a learning institution, GKBI is Gawad Kalinga’s capacity building program. It designs and implements relevant training programs for GK teams, the kapitbahayan, caretaker teams, management boards, volunteers, and partners. The GKBI is ensures that there is consistency in the values, principles and strategies among the many individuals and institutions working with GK. GKBI expands the work of nation building beyond transforming GK communities (land, homes, programs, caretaker teams, residents “GK Kapitbahayan”) to influencing the greater society by developing and implementing governance and leadership programs for the barangay, township, provincial development, and even corporate/institutional interventions for programs and employee development beyond corporate social responsibility.

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