Gawad Kalinga

GK Vision & Mission

Gawad Kalinga Building communities to end poverty.

We have a dream. The dream to rebuild nations debilitated by poverty.

We dream of people working together to help themselves,
empowered by a powerful spirit of faith and patriotism.
We dream of nations made up of caring and sharing communities dedicated to eradicating poverty on earth.
We dream of a world where everyone lives in dignity where no one is left behind.

If you share this dream, join us in making it happen.
Help us end poverty for 5 million poor families by 2024:
Land for the Landless. Homes for the Homeless. Food for the Hungry.

A future full of hope.

Yes we have a dream and our plan to make it happen is clear and concrete. We are guided by a working strategy that restores the dignity of the poorest of the poor by providing for their basic needs and empowering them to help themselves.

Land for the Landless. Without security of land, poor families will always live like nomads; their lives a daily struggle for survival. They will build shelter wherever they can in rural areas, often in danger zones where they are prone to suffer the consequences of natural disasters or live in cramped urban areas where they are forced to endure inhumane conditions.

Homes for the Homeless. By building colorful and sturdy homes for the poorest of the poor in a beautiful environment worthy of middle class standards, a family begins to respect themselves, their dignity is restored. They start to take care of their families and communities. They begin to have middle-class aspirations and dream of a good life for their children.

Food for the Hungry. The poor and hungry man becomes an angry and desperate man. Through a simple and sustainable program of food sufficiency for our communities, we want to ensure that poor families will never again go hungry or feel helpless. With food in their stomachs, our residents will be able to move towards becoming healthy and productive citizens.

OUR ROADMAP to 2024:

The road to a First World Philippines by 2024 is guided by a development roadmap composed of three stages:

Social Justice: 2003 to 2010

We begin to challenge and inspire everyone to go beyond charity and become their brother’s keeper in order to heal the wounds of injustice in our country. This has opened the door to major streams of generosity through donations of land and resources to build homes for the homeless, a dream realized through the heroic response of volunteers from all sectors of society.

Social Artistry: 2011 to 2017

We move forward to the designer phase we call “Social Artistry” where we invite greater expertise, science and technology to grow our holistic model for development. Through stronger collaboration with credible and distinguished institutions and individuals and by engaging them to use our GK communities as convergence points and social laboratories, we hope to pursue major innovations that will concretely and permanently improve the quality of life for the poorest of the poor, allowing them to attain their fullest potentials.

Social Progress: 2018 to 2024

We envision a new standard of living to take a permanent foothold in the life of a nation. This will only be achieved by working on scale and sustainability of what have been established earlier – the spirit, the science and the structure. By this time, a new generation of empowered, productive citizens would have emerged, who lived through an exciting time of change — moving from poverty to prosperity, from shame to honor, from third-world to first-world and from second-class to first-class citizen of the world.

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